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New Pistols Available to Members and Come & Try

Based on feedback from new and existing members, and the frequency of use of some existing club pistols, the Committee has purchased several new pistols for use by members and during come and try events. Replacing the Smith & Wesson 22A's are four new Ruger MkIV 22/45s. These pistols are .22 caliber, feature a 1911 style grip and unlike the 22A's have a standard magazine release button position. At an economical price point these pistols provide a great amount of flexibility in the matches they can be used for and will make running come and trys with multiple people easier. Adding to our available centrefire pistols for club use is an STI Trojan in 9mm. For anyone wanting to shoot Action or Service matches this is an ideal pistol to use. It has standard metallic sights and is in a 1911 configuration. Members are reminded that club guns are not just for new or unlicensed members. If you are considering purchasing a new pistol or trying a different match there is likely to be a club pistol available to try - at just $10 per hire. Even if you just want to try something different for a bit of fun. We have competition quality air pistols, ISSF and traditional style 22's, revolvers and centrefire semi-autos.

PLEASE NOTE NO PISTOLS ARE STORED AT THE RANGE. If you want to hire a pistol or arrange a Come & Try DO NOT just turn up at the range and hope for the best. You must contact the Club Secretary or President at least several days in advance.


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