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Maintaining your licence


This information is current at the time of publication of this page.  To ensure you have the latest requirements for licensing please visit the Qld Police Weapons Licensing website.

Maintaining eligibility for a Category H licence requires ongoing involvement in the sport of target pistol shooting.

At its most basic you are required to participate in a prescribed number of competition shoots each year depending on the number and caliber of pistols you own.

To be eligible competitions these must be:

  • matches approved to be conducted at our Club

  • conducted in line with the prescribed rules of the match

  • scores must be recorded and kept for Clubrecords

  • undertaken by at least two members of the Club

Classes of pistol

Category H weapons are divided into four classes:

  1. an air pistol;

  2. a centre-fire pistol with a calibre of not more than .38 inch or a black-powder pistol;

  3. a centre-fire pistol with a calibre of more than .38 inch but not more than .45 inch; and

  4. a rimfire pistol.


Participation conditions vary depending on the number of Category H weapon classes that are registered to a licence.

Participation Conditions (Single pistol) 

Licensees who are the registered owner of 1 class of category H weapon must participate in a minimum of six (6) handgun shooting competitions conducted on different days in each financial year.
Participation Conditions (Multiple pistols)
If the licensee is the registered owner of 2 or more classes of category H weapons, the licensee must use a weapon in a minimum of four (4) club organised shoots for each class in each financial year.


A participation form and participation calculator spreadsheet are available from Weapons Licensing.
Participation Requirements (No pistols)
Licensees that have no Category H weapons registered to their licence are not subject to participation conditions but are required to maintain financial membership of an approved Queensland Pistol Club in order to support the genuine reason for their Category H Firearms Licence.


Participation rate for less than 12 months


A licensee who is the registered owner of a category H weapon in a particular class for less than 12 months will be required to do a proportionate number of participation shoots based on the number of whole months that the weapon is owned for the financial year.

The participation rate is proportionally calculated based upon one whole calendar month for that financial year, after rounding down to the nearest whole number of competitions.

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