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Obtaining a pistol licence


This information is current at the time of publication of this page.  To ensure you have the latest requirements for licensing please visit the Qld Police Weapons Licensing website.

Category H (Concealable Firearms) licences are quite restricted and require several steps and considerable time to obtain.

Membership of a pistol club is the first step.  For more information visit the Joining the Club page.

Once you are a member of the club obtaining your licence includes undertaking a minimum PROBATIONARY PERIOD of six (6) months prior to applying for your H Licence.


During this time you must attend at the club and participate in a minimum of 3 pistol shooting competitions.  While three is the minimum required we encourage you to attend more frequently during this period to increase your familiarity with different matches, to try different club guns and to develop a deeper understanding of all aspects of this sport.

Most new members will complete their participation using club guns (which are available for hire) during matches conducted on Saturday afternoons on Range 1 from 1 pm.  Unlicensed members must advise the Club Secretary in advance if they wish to use a club hire gun.

Please note, unlicensed shooters will have club guns set up on the firing line for their use only during the competition shoot and are required to be supervised by a licensed shooter.



Once you have completed the participation requirements, and the six-months (and one day) waiting period, the Club Secretary will issue you with the club authority to apply for your licence.  You can apply online to QPS Weapons Licensing.

To apply for a Category H Licence for Sport of Target Shooting you will need to provide:

  1. Proof of address (rates notice or electricity bill are preferred);

  2. Statement of Attainment for an approved Firearms Safety Course.

  3. Two passport-sized and passport-quality photos (if applying online, JPG format no larger than 2mb)

  4. Proof of Club Membership for at least 6 months and proof of participation in at least three handgun shooting competitions, and a current financial member

  5. An Approved Club declaration (QP518A), completed by your club representative within the preceding 28 days;

  6. Payment

There is a minimum 28 day waiting period for new licence applications and depending on workload at Weapons Licensing the wait for confirmation of your licence may take much longer.


*When applying you will need to specify the location of secure storage facilities (ie. appropriate safe), regardless whether you own any firearms. The Club does NOT provide storage facilities and no weapons are EVER stored at the club premises.

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