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Come and Try

The Toowoomba Pistol Club offers a Come & Try experience for those interested in trying out the sport of pistol shooting.  This is offered subject to demand and the availability of qualified Range Officers and co

PLEASE NOTE: This is focussed on teaching the basics of pistol shooting as a sport and is not a "shooting gallery" type experience.

During the Come & Try you will have the opportunity to experience several styles of target pistol shooting including air pistol, 50 rounds from a 22 pistol and some larger revolver and semi-auto pistols supplied by the club.  Cost may vary due to changing ammunition prices but starts from $50 per person.

Each person participating is individualy supervised at all times by a Range Officer or Club Member standing at their shoulder in line with Queensland firearms laws.



While everyone who does a Come & Try finds the experience fun, please note that it is intended to be a genuine introduction to the Club, pistol shooting as a sport and the process involved in joining the club and getting licensed.  It is not a "shooting gallery" type experience and may be quite different from private pistol ranges offering "off the street" shooting experiences.

Paperwork & identification required

Come & Try is open to everyone over the age of 11 provided the necessary paperwork is completed and photographic identification can be provided.  All participants must complete a Form 33 prior to shooting.  This Form restricts some individuals ability to use a pistol.  Visit Weapons Licencing to review the form and ensure you will be able to complete this form prior to participating in a Come & Try.

Bookings essential

To attend a Come & Try you must book your attendance with the Club Secretary well in advance.  Limited places are available.  Contact or 0438 178 723.

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