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Range 1 - ISSF, Service

Range 1 is a 25 metre range with electronically controlled, compressed air operated turning targets.

It has 16 bays for individual shooters in most matches and provides for up to 4 shooters to simultaneously undertake a Rapid Fire match.

Matches shot on Range 1 include:

  • Standard Match

  • Rapid Fire

  • 25 Metre Pistol

  • Centre Fire

  • Service 25

Range 1 is where most new shooters & members will shoot their first matches.  Usually at the Saturday, 1 pm match time.


With no holster requirement and most matches able to be shot with the club's 22 pistols while standing at a bench it is an ideal place to learn the basics of safety and pistol marksmanship.

For information about trying your hand at pistol shooting visit our Come and Try page.

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