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Purchasing a pistol


This information is current at the time of publication of this page.  To ensure you have the latest requirements for licensing please visit the Qld Police Weapons Licensing website.

The wide variety of pistols on the market and the equally wide variety of matches and pistol competition styles can make purchasing your first pistol a difficult decision.

While it may seem frustrating the 6 month probationary period that applies before you can obtain a licence and subsequently purchase a pistol can be valuable in giving you time to make your decision.

We strongly recommend that you don't join the club and take up pistol shooting with a pre-conceived idea of the pistol and caliber you intend to purchase.

In many instances, the competitions you end up spending the most time shooting may not suit the type of pistol you have in mind.

Ask questions

Our members are only too happy to talk about what pistols may suit you for the matches you enjoy.  They might not always agree with each other but they will be happy to give you some free but valuable advice.

The images on this page are just a small sample of the variety of pistols you may see in use at our Club on any given Saturday.

1st 12 months limitations

In the first 12 months after you obtain your pistol licence you may only purchase:

  1. One air pistol; and

  2. One 22 pistol OR one centrefire pistol


This means that if you are not going to compete in air pistol you must select only 1 pistol to use for your first 12 months.  12 months can be a long time if you make a poor or ill informed choice!

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